Augmented Perspective = Integral Perspective!

Rosho with AR glasses

“Augmented Leadership does not require AR glasses, even if its fun! Instead, your brain and mind will work just as an Augmented Reality system, augmenting your perception”

People, innovators, companies, start-ups, territories or NGOs, at any scale, need a new culture and new ways of working in a digital 21st century.

The problem is that we are left with top-down power-hierarchies and working methods from another age.

Is it not time to radically change to multi-dimensional perspectives? Make use of all types of intelligence, natural, artificial, cultural, social, emotional…?

Augmented Leadership is an integral framework, based on advanced 4.0 System Thinking and contains a complete toolbox for 5D innovation-driving and problem-solving. Rosho’s life-changing (r)evolutionary coaching opens the way to becoming an Augmented Leader of the 21st century!

Rosho has four proposals for you, which one fits your situation?

“We need leaders who are emotionally intelligent, and able to model and champion co-operative working. They’ll coach, rather than command; they’ll be driven by empathy, not ego. The digital revolution needs a different, more human kind of leadership”.

Prof. Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum

What people say about Rosho

Robert (Rosho) is an incredibly experienced and multi-faceted person. He has a very motivating and convincing nature, because he is a real agile coach, never dogmatic. He has gained his extensive knowledge from many consulting projects, internationally and across industries. He has a deep understanding of project management, methodically and organizationally and can therefore perfectly convey agility in its dimensions and potentials and introduce it into companies in the right doses. In addition, he is an internationally recognized promoter of organizational competence by organizing Meetups worldwide. He does not leave the future of organization to itself, but actively shapes it. I wish Rosho all the best and hope that we can still accompany many projects together.

Christian Konz, Inhouse Agile Consultant bei Viessmann, November 6, 2019