About Rosho

After decades of gathering experience in leading positions in various industries and countries, I designed the Augmented Leadership (AL) methodology for you, a vibrant new generation of leaders!

My purpose is to prepare your future, young generation of leaders, let you benefit from my revolutionary research and rich experience in new ways of working, across cultures and industries, all over Europe and the world.

I trace a possible way forward, by distributed competence, self-organisation, augmented perception, integration of intelligence from machines and people, the next step in the evolution of our society.

“Let me introduce myself: I am Rosho, your best enemy and your worst friend, and I believe that the best coaches are the ones you won’t need any more soon.”

Reinventing consulting and organisations

We all know that the current way we run organisations is end-of-life cycle, with a 60% employee engagement rate and a 30% success rate for transformation projects or start-ups. But few have solutions to reinvent it! Expensive consultants have made lots of slides, but how many implementations of sustainable change can we admire? I certainly see billions spent in band-aiding broken systems, with nothing but entropy as a result. For me, it was time to think about new ways after classic consulting has failed so much.

So I tried a few new things, that eventually became increasingly successful and fast, and I believe now that you can, and will profit from this research, try-and-fail proven method, with fantastic benefits in many unexpected ways, in your professional as well as in your personal life.

The Integral Approach

What are the main reasons why we fail so much to operate purposeful, profitable organisations, with happy people and satisfied customers?

Because we mostly look at certain isolated aspects of an increasingly complex reality and neglect to see we even deny the big picture. Such worldviews, often described as connectedness can be felt by people from up a certain stage of maturity, below that level, people only see fractions, or heavily filter reality. This is not a question of intelligence, education, and certainly not of good will, but just a result of natural stages of evolution. Like a snail can never run, a dog needs to bark, a sheep need to follow other sheep.

There is no point in trying to change the nature of people, but we can find a way to address every level and make good usage of it. There is no point in “breaking” silos, but to make them work together in harmony.

If you understand this as a leader, you and your people will thrive and do their best, just by themselves, no pressure needed.

By integrating such evolved worldviews with the amazing possibilities of contemporary data visualisation, ontology heat maps, digital collaboration and communication tools, you are a truly Augmented Leader. That is what I teach.

Feel free to spread the good words of Master Rosho to your friends!

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