In the below graphic, I choose to show the milestones that counted most in my life as a freelancer in various industries. As a serial entrepreneur, I also designed, set-up and run a number of companies.

20 years old, 1988, my first start-up was my Organ Builder workshop, which I successfully developed in a few years to deliver instruments in the whole world, in over 30 countries, until 1994.

As a serial entrepreneur, I created and operated a couple of start-ups ever since, ranking from organic farming, hydroponic (combination of fish and crops farming), horse breeding, high-tech composite building materials manufacturing, air-plane construction, music and theatre production and edition, artist’s management, tour operations, musical instrument rental service and concert assistance, and a few more that.

I created one of the first web agencies in Europe, in 1994, when the Internet was accessible through CompuServe and AOL gateways… We made dynamic websites, eCommerce, database-driven apps, streaming audio and video, multi-media catalogues, etc. for people and organisations all over the world.

I also spent my life singing, as a street singer for many years, and in choirs (ancient music). I was quite famous as a street singer, with more than 50 TV appearances and shows… a long time ago.

At a glance, here are the people, corporations and organisations who trusted me over the last decades and what I did for them, on a timeline:

Rosho CV one page
Rosho CV one page

LinkedIn Public Recommendations Received

Robert (Rosho) is an incredibly experienced and multi-faceted person. He has a very motivating and convincing nature, because he is a real agile coach, never dogmatic. He has gained his extensive knowledge from many consulting projects, internationally and across industries. He has a deep understanding of project management, methodically and organizationally and can therefore perfectly convey agility in its dimensions and potentials and introduce it into companies in the right doses. In addition, he is an internationally recognized promoter of organizational competence by organizing Meetups worldwide. He does not leave the future of organization to itself, but actively shapes it. I wish Rosho all the best and hope that we can still accompany many projects together.

• Christian Konz
Inhouse Agile Consultant bei Viessmann
November 6, 2019, Christian was a client of Robert (Rosho)’s

When I met Robert, we were part of a Digital Transformation program at the Health Care Sector. Robert was the Program Manager of several technical driven change and implementation projects. He structured and led the process working with about 30 internal and technical external experts, project managers, project assistants and management executive board members. Robert was the integral architecture of the program, the keen implementation father of the projects, the caring mother for onboarding externals and impulse generator of new program visions. Robert strongly believes in reinventing organizations and teams for the 21st century. He is a fan of cross functional self-responsible teams in a flat hierarchy. Robert is the perfect initiator of a digital transformation process concerning structure, culture and services.

• Sven Schlebes
Journalist and Change Facilitator
November 13, 2018, Robert (Rosho) was senior to Sven but didn’t manage directly

I had the opportunity to work with Robert in a short term project. He showed his Programme manager skills and was able to contribute and grasp the main parts of the piece of work. I would highly recommend and work again with him at any time, his skills and experience are an asset to any project.

• Patrick Revel
Managing Delivery Architect / Big Data resident Expert bei etl23
November 14, 2017, Robert (Rosho) worked with Patrick in the same group

On a professional level, Rob is one of the most forward thinking, well-grounded and open-minded individuals I’ve ever worked with. He understands innovation and methodologies with a depth that rivals any lecturer, yet he maintains a balanced relatability, so that he can understand the needs of every aspect of an organisation. His capacity to improve transformations and operations is unending and very motivating because he never takes anything for granted and constantly works on tangible solutions to current and future problems. A logical, strong and open mind is the key to his remarkable ability to team-build and produce progression. He IS an asset to all organisations because he is working on solutions that will be available to all organisations and there is no doubt that he could be a key player in any company. While he is extremely business-savvy, the most important element to working with Rob is his positivity. There are so many times when the massive projects we are trying to achieve seem too big to fit into one lifetime, let alone a career, but the faith, energy and the effort he puts into us and everything he does, means we can and will make it happen. He empowers his team and helps us enact the changes we want to see. I’ve never had so much freedom to work efficiently as I do now and I’ve very proud of what that helps me achieve. On a person level, he is one of the most kind, compassionate and generous men I’ve ever worked with. He acts as a simultaneous support and catalyst for good work, so a lot of my dreams (career and beyond) are being realised in my role at Entropositive. Working with Rob is a dream come true and I hope to keep doing so for many years to come.

• Seraphina Taylor
Social Media & Community Manager
June 22, 2017, Seraphina reported directly to Robert (Rosho)

It is easy to be experienced as you get older in life – but some people really use that experience and become better – Robert is one of those people. While working with him in IKEA (New Web/Multichannel transformation) I found it easy to give brief summaries of complex situations and get positive help quickly. Robert’s background in corporate transformation, and specifically digital transformation is valuable, but partnered with years of hard learning in major projects and programmes it is extremely useful. Outside of “mainstream” programme and transformation experience Robert’s passion for new ways to solve the risks of change in global organisations lead to many discussions on making a bigger difference! He is a valued colleague and sounding partner for new ideas and leading change. I personally recommend Robert and welcome the opportunity to supply a reference. Steve (IKEA of Sweden)

• Steve Dunnico
Agile Business Coach: enabling connected business, Creator: Clearvision concept and SaaS, Socium: Lead Associate/Bus-Dev
February 24, 2017, Steve managed Robert (Rosho) directly

Where do I start? Robert is a highly enthusiastic , talented and passionate Programme Manager who has extensive background in large international technical transformation projects. I have enjoyed every interaction with Robert he is open, honest and easy to work with. Robert has been contracting with us for 4 years through different consultants in our practice, he is reliable , engaging , trustworthy and we have built a great friendship together. Any employer would be proud to have such an asset to their team.

• Rebecca Woodley
Senior Talent Partner at McCann Health
November 15, 2016, Robert (Rosho) worked with Rebecca in the same group

In 2014 I worked close together in an challenging Managed Cloud project with Robert Hopp. My experience was very good during. Robert is very helpful, senior, professional and he work hard and solution oriented. So I can strongly recommend Robert.

• Thomas Panzer
ITS Consultant 2 bei Capgemini Outsourcing Services GmbH
June 7, 2016, Thomas reported directly to Robert (Rosho)

Robert Hopp was my Programme Manager of the overall Digital Transformation, under which were my Contact Center Solution and Wireless LAN implementation Projects. Robert helped me greatly, by shining a bright light on the stony projects path, helping me to see the end goal in my project(s). He provided me with unwavering support in my completing the Projects.

• Tim Metzger
Director and Snr. Partner at Sales Solutions and Imports
October 5, 2015, Tim reported directly to Robert (Rosho)

I have worked with Robert during Q1 and Q2 in 2014. he was the Transition Manager / Program Manager and my function was Commercial Manager. We had an excellent collaboration and we managed our project in time and budget. This was possible due to the very professional qualities of Robert. • he understand the inter cultural differences within the team and was able to manage the team on a global base. • he structured all deliverables in a perfect way • he provided clear tasks to all team members and created a very transparent environment • he provided excellent briefings to the Senior Management Team • he managed the customer relationship on a positive way • he is a perfect team player Trusted advisor, team player, professional, success driven / pragmatic and Motivator are describing Robert`s attitude. For me it was a pleasure to work with him and looking forward to do more projects with him.

• Matthias Rehm
Sales Lead Insights & Data for Financial Services bei Capgemini
November 26, 2014, Robert (Rosho) worked with Matthias in the same group

Over the last 2 years, Robert proved to be not only pragmatic but also very dynamic and really knows how to tackle problems or issues. He quickly comes up with good practical solutions. Robert helped us to initiate and build strong partnerships with major NGOs like PlanetFinance, in order to develop and promote Fonxio.

• Jonas Hopp
November 19, 2014, Jonas managed Robert (Rosho) directly

Robert worked for me as a programme director, from pre-sales through to delivery on a multi-million Euros transformation programme for a legacy German client. He quickly recognised the criticality to the client of Colt delivering internal product and service wrap changes ahead of schedule for a move of the client to a cloud platform service. Robert steered a steady, successful path through cajoling internal development teams and keeping clear communications with the client.

• Robin Clarke
Director of Programme Management
November 19, 2014, Robin managed Robert (Rosho) directly

Robert was closing a complicated programme at Colt as a freelancer, where I worked as well as a Transition Manager. He could achieve closure of a “never ending story”. His friendly yet extremely professional attitude shows how senior he is. He finds solutions to challenges others struggle with. He can only be recommended.

• László Lányi
Senior Project Manager at Infosys
November 21, 2012, Robert (Rosho) worked with László in the same group

Robert is a person of quality: Friendly, organized, rigorous, precise, he has all the competences necessary to an effective management. As well his technical skills as his soft skills are really impressive! I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work again with him in the future!

• Samuel Callewaert
Data Architect at ORES
March 23, 2012, Samuel worked with Robert (Rosho) in different groups

I was hired by Robert on criteria that no one had previously singled out for this type of mission but have proved indispensable in the future. This demonstrates to me a clear analysis and a very personal way to state the views it defends. He fears not to present the results as they are and at all hierarchical levels l preferring clear situations that allow efficient work by taking appropriate decisions. This seems obvious but the reality is often quite different reason for this particular statement.

• Frederic Thiriaux
Certified Data Protection Officer (DPO) from Data Protection Institute
March 13, 2012, Frederic reported directly to Robert (Rosho)

I recruited Robert for a client of mine for a role which wasn’t necessary in his comfort zone but his ability to adapt, sense of client service and positive attitude made of his service provision a great result. I hope future will bring us future collaboration opportunities.

• Sebastien Cobut
Talent, Leadership, Operations & Sales
September 19, 2008, Sebastien was a client of Robert (Rosho)’s

You wanna have a multilingual colleague with great knowledge and expertise! That’s Robert Hopp!

• Maxime De Haeck
Game Designer and Game Master of Nuka Dawn – Atompunk RPG and PnP at Myself
September 17, 2008, Robert (Rosho) worked with Maxime in the same group