Four Proposals

Augmented Leadership © – Training & Coaching for Professionels

For agile people and organisations who feel that culture and values are needed to make good data-driven, purposeful decisions for a sustainable future. Let’s get the 21st started!

Self-Organisation – Design & Consulting

You have a project to transform your organisation with Self-Org, Teal, Hola/Sociocracy? I have done it before! Implementation, tools, platforms, operations, mentoring, that’s my job and I do it well! Ask for my references from people like IKEA and a few more.

Integral Intelligence Toolbox Training, AL for Individuals: Coaching & Mentoring

As an individual, you feel that you can grow and develop? Big change ahead or you just took a new challenge? Maybe a reboot is necessary? Do you want to learn how to use the fantastic toolbox I have put together? One tool for every situation. It is based among others on the mind-blowing works of Ken Wilber, the Integral Theory. But be aware, it only fits people with a broad worldview! Nothing for “After the Book” or “Flatland” fellows…

Transformation Program Fire-Fighting for Corporations and Organisations

70% of all transformation programs go wrong, get stuck and fail at some stage, sad but true! I had the pleasure to bring back on track a few of the bigger ones, mostly within 3 months. Tell me where you are at and I am pretty sure I can help it!